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and apologies from the israeli defence minister. comments aimed at john kerry labelled offensive. >> governor chris christie admitting mistakes had been made. a series of scandals overshadowing the state of state address. >> up, up and away. colour files the sky as a massive kite festival takes place. >> welcome to al jazeera america, i'm thomas drayton, good to have you with us. >> we begin with a school shooting. police in ros wall say a seventh grader walked into a gym and opened fire. hundreds attended a vigil in roswell. an 11-year-old boy and 13-year-old girl were surrounded at the bereneder middle school. the victims were airlifted to hospital. the 11-year-old boy is in critical condition. the 13-year-old girl is stable. the suspect, a 12-year-old boy, is under arrest. his identity has not been released because of his age. a stupid who witnessed the shooting said the suspect snuck the shotgun into school in a musical instrument case. we'll have more on that shooting throughout the morning. >> the obama administration is responding to critical comments from a top israeli official aimed
.s.emarks secretary of state john kerry underlines the fact it was no way syrian president bashar al-assad could be part of any transition government. saying his excessive use of violence against his people made him illegitimate. in his speech, the syrian foreign minister pointedly said no one but the syrians would decide if their president was legitimate or not. >> no one in the world has the right to give legitimacy or withdraw legitimacy from a , a government, constitution, a law or anything in syria but syrians. this is the constitutional right of the syrian people. what will be agreed upon here, no matter what it is, will be subject to a referendum. we have a mandate to present the will of the people, not to determine their fate. >> we want to know if there are syrian partners in this room who would be able to -- stop being part of assad's the location and become an independent delegation like ours. i wouldn't call on this gem -- delegation to sign the geneva text for all of the powers will be transferred, including the executive, military, and judicial powers. this would be the stepping st
. for instance the years sectors to him later. john kerry say that of course this process should end with the ouster of this odd to think he's not sincere ones. you know the hidden temple and asked for that. since two years all of these the commission's view of anyone that uses the phrase on the planet. without him that price. under those conditions. what did they give us the syrian people from russia to a committee can. into the streets. when we where in the future. his insights here. i think that's been all that is dying off others to decide until it makes it so broader chess game. doors and our guide me your thoughts on why john kerry the secretary of state has invested so much energy since there were is that the rest of us air strikes against syria which never happened of course. on the part of us in some of its partners including france why he's invested so much energy meeting with the russian several times going to to switzerland on numerous occasions. i mean quite frankly i think just that that the war has been an utter disaster for the region i mean the humanitarian consequen
eastern countries, and then waved his finger at john kerry and say how dare you say what we can or can't do. >> translator: no one, mr. kerry, in the world has the right to -- to give legitimacy or to withdraw legitimacy from a president, a government, a constitution or a law or anything in syria but syrians. this is the right of the syrian people and it is their constitutional duty what will be agreed upon here no matter what it is, will be subject to a popular referendum. >> in response the u.s. said that assad and his government has responded to peaceful protests with bullets and bombs and that is the sign that he is the one that is not legitimate. so we have both sides very differently viewing the situation del. >> does the syrian opposition in this case have any leverage? >> i think that's really the key question. right now the assad government has to feel it doesn't have the ability to go after the opposition with the kinds of bombs and violence we have seen so far. and until it feels that the international pressure is high enough, it will continue to do that. so can the oppositi
of a rare agreement between the u.s. and russia. we'll hear from john kerry, and the russian prime minister sergei lavrov. then the interesting bit. we hear from the two parties in syria. we hear from the syrian side. from the long-standing foreign minister of syria, and then we here from the president of the coalition of the syrian opposition. all of that comes in the next hour. >> some 44 will speak at the opening. how much can be done at this conference about iran though. >> well what i think will happen first is there's all of these international participants saying how much is invested in the process, and this is the only route to piece. they don't really have a plan b. that's what you hear from the international participants. then all of the roadshow moves to geneva, to the u.n. headquarters in geneva. and that is where - it will be a smaller gathering, the two sides around the table. the syrian opposition and government. that's where they get to all the big questions. the idea of the u.n. and the arab league comes up with the end of this, with the government made up of part of the o
of violence in iraq. tonight secretary of state john kerry talks to me about america's foreign policy and the president. >> sooner, rather than later, the united states will pay a heavy price for our noninvolvement. >> missile launch scandal - dozens in charge of nuclear war heads are under scrutiny. >> west virginia violations - the government report after the chemical leak raises questions about the company behind the accident and the facility holding the toxic material. >> plus flight formation - why do birds travel in v patterns. tonight the surprising answer. >> we begin with what can only be described as hope, hope that an american soldier held against his will since 2009 is alive. he is army sergeant bo bergdahl, who vanished from his base in afghanistan more than four years ago. he's believed to be held by fighters linked to taliban. >> today word of proof of life, the military says it has video showing him. when and where it was taken is unknown. in a statement the military said this: >> reacting to the video the bergdahl family released this statement: def conversation susan
.s. secretary of state john kerry to give a statement. >>> the trial of four hezbollah suspects accused of killing the former lebanese prime minister are being tried in the hague in their absence. >>> the syrian rebel group says it was behind a car bombing in northern lebanon that left three people dead. the attack was in the town that is a hezbollah strong hold. >>> the word from the united nations human rights office is the number of extra judicial killings by groups in rebel-eld areas is soaring. rupert you are in geneva. apologies if we have to interrupt this to take john kerry. i hope you will have the patience to stay with us, and perhaps comment on what he has to say. but for those who don't understand the legal terminology here, because we are talking about something that is a juicishal phrase, what is an extra judicial killing? >> it's a killing that takes place in a [ inaudible ] the united nations is not in favor of the death penalty, period, but it is necessary in certain situations, but only as the result of a proper legal procedure, and obviously that's not happening at al
that was off the table what kind of leverage does john kerry have left to bring to bear on the assad government? >> the goal of this conference is to create that transitional government and got rid of assad. but assad is doing what he wants when he wants it. he feels he has impunity, to continue this cycle of violence, continue what opposition leaders are calling barrel bombs, bombs that destroy neighborhoods, indiscriminately killing civilians. he feels he can continue to do that, kerry is trying to convince assad some how that he doesn't have that impunity. he can't continue on this violent path. so given that military option is mostly off the table, what kerry is trying to do is isolate the assad regime. the rhetoric out of this conference is new from the united states. kerry is trying to say that assad is by himself. the assad regime, the family is by himself. this is not the syrians who protect him, this is the not syrians who may represent him. this is simply one family and their determination to stay in power. kerry's goal and the u.s. officials i talk to, their goal is to isolate him so
to secretary of state john kerry talking about the ongoing crisis in syria. he has been speaking for about 20 minutes concerning the negotiations going on in switzerland right now. we rejoin the secretary of state. >> it is up to all of us to make sure that geneva or one of the parallel tracks works. and i'm not going to talk about the possibilities of it not finding some road forward. >> iran was disinvited because they did not endorse the geneva communique, but neither does tht syrian government. iran is almost as much a part of the conflict as the syrian government. can you really expect to make progress without finding a way to involve iran at some point? and i just spent months in the region, and everybody i spoke to said there is no way that things will get better if you don't get iran and saudi arabia to talk to each other. how can you help facilitate that? >> i'm not going to go into the details, but obviously we're very aware of the need for a number of specific countries to be able to contribute to a solution, rather than to be part of the problem. with respect to iran's participati
officials, when the israeli official described secretary of state john kerry as obsessive when it came to peace in the middle east. the white house called it offensive. >> there's no sign of a breakthrough in the ratest round of israeli palestine peace talks. the israeli defence minister says the process is a waste of time, blaming the u.s. secretary of state. according to israel's largest newspaper he said during a private conversation: >> as for the talks himself, he was just as displaysive. >> there's no allegations with the palestinians. americans are holding negotiations with us and in parallel with the palestinians. we are the only side to give anything. the release of murderers and the palestinians have given nothing. >> the obama administration was not pleased. >> we find the remarks. defence minister to be defensive and inappropriate, given all that the united states has done to support israel's security needs, and will continue to do. >> late on tuesday there was an apology to john kerry, saying he didn't mean to cause offense. the comment were made because he doesn't like a
, but they can give money. that is going on in kuwait. a donor conference. secretary of state john kerry and ban ki-moon is among those present, and bernard smith. what pledges have been made so far? >> well, there has been extraordinary numbers bandied around, not at least the 4 million syrians depended on u.n. aid in syria. the hopes of the conference, the kuwaities offered $500 million, first off the mark. the secretary of state john kerry offered $380 million on behalf of the u.s. government, and that already is getting close what was pledged a year ago, which was $1.5 billion. they are looking for that, $6.5 billion. >> one of the problems is that not all the money that is pledged actually gets paid. apparently 20% or 30% is outstanding from the last conference and this is worrying the u.n. chief ban ki-moon. >> well, i spoke to the u.n. representatives early on. they say now they have 80% of the money pledged last year. they are obviously knocking on doors and chasing up the outstanding funds, because it's all very well pledging the money, but the u.n. needs the cash in hand, to buy emerge
, difficult, and complicated process, something the u.s. secretary of state john kerry saying this is just the begin. what we really saw today was the deep rivalry between the syrian government and the saudi government, which is by extension the rivalry in the region, and to a certain extent the war in syria has become a proxy war. we hear the foreign minister say -- he didn't actually name saudi arabia, but he did hint and say the countries and delegates sitting here are responsible for the bloodshed in my country and the quote terrorism in my country. the saudi foreign minister saying that the iranian revolutionary guards need to withdraw from syria. so we need a consensus between these two regional powerhouses if we're going to see agreement on the house, but there's no doubt the international community wants this process to begin and reach some sort of outcome. it's not going to be an easy task. we saw the very best to discredit the opposition saying they don't have a political agenda for the future, and stressing time and time again that the war in syria is one against terrorism. on t
. a short time ago secretary of state john kerry was saying that bashar al-assad cannot remain the leader of syria. >> you cannot have peace. you cannot have stability. you cannot restore syria. you cannot save syria. from disintegration as long as bashar al-assad remains in power. >> those who are behind the acts of terrorists, terrorism in syria should choose between an arsonist or fireman. they cannot be both at the same time. >> and nick schifrin is in montreux, switzerland, tonight. tough talk from both sides of the controversy. >> reporter: yes, absolutely a chasm between both sides. but the goal from the u.s. point of view is the same, and that is to try to end the violence inside syria. ththey are convinced that the oy way to do that is to convince assad that he does not have impunity to keep on committing acts of violence. the first way is to threaten or use any kind of military action. president obama has made it very clear he has no intention to do that at least any time soon. diplomats here are trying to isolate syria diplomatically, trying to make it so difficult for assad to
in the river valley from knoxville to the mississippi river. earlier today secretary of state john kerry was at a joint news conference with his counterparts from canada and mexico. they are holding talks on the north american free trade agreement or nafta and during the conversation and the conference there they were also asked about the keystone xl pipeline which crosses the canadian border. secretary kerry responded to questions about the situation in syria. >> a question for secretary kerry. sir, after you became secretary of state, he made the point repeatedly that it was important to change bashar al-assad's to elation in order to achieve a political solution at geneva ii and almost a year later it's fair that the assad regime believes his position is stronger than ever. in his letter to the united nations this eerie and foreign minister minister will be leaving the debt delegation to geneva ii suggest the purpose of going to geneva ii us to fight terrorism and not discuss the political transition in effect he says some points in the invitation the syrian government received from t
to 2016. >> putting pressure on syria. secretary of state john kerry's strong words to both sides. >> plus, helping the homeless. a physician who goes block to block to make them healthier. >> a new development involving chris christie. the question is who ordered several lanes closed on george washington bridge in september. the order was political payback aimed at a small-town mayor who refused to endorse chris christie's re-election bid. >> target security breach seems to be part of a broader and highly sophisticated scan. according to a report from a firm, the malware affected numerous retailers. a breach at the store come promised information for tens of millions of customers. i talked to science and technology consumer jake ward about it. what new information have we learnt about the target breach? >> it's clear that there was probably an inside person on this. various analysts who look at this noticed a number of things about the point of sales software that was used to scrape credit card information. and one of the most interesting things is a big chunk of this stuff, a lot of code
on friday. secretary of state john kerry said peace efforts are far from over. >> what you see between the opposition and the assad regime will not be the full measure of effort being extended in order to try to find a solution here. without going into detail i would say to you that lots of different avenues to be pursued, including continuous support. >> nick schifrin joins us from montreux, switzerland. my good innocenc goodness, therp difference on day one. >> reporter: bashar al-assad refuses to consider stepping down from power. he's even talking about running again even though the stated goal of this conference, the goal that his delegation has accepted is to remove him from pow and turn in a transitional government. he's dismissing that idea. u.s. officials are pushing back against that. given the gap, given the difference between these two sides the u.s. and others are having a hard time to find small steps towards peace. >> in a conference, two sides yelling at each other. the man is a pro government journalist, the woman is anti-government. this may be one moment outside of t
official is apologising for blistering comments aimed at u.s. secretary of state john kerry, coming after israel's largest newspaper printed goats from moshe yarle saying secretary of state john kerry was acting out of obsessiveness. he changed his tune issuing this statement: >> the apology came after reaction from the u.s. state department. >> we find the remarks of the defence minister to be offensive and inappropriate, especially gin all the united states has done to support israel's security needs. >> israeli prime minister binyamin netanyahu did not back up his defence minister, saying that the u.s. is israel's closest ally in a bid for peace. >> u.s. and india are mending ties. a senior diplomat met with india's ambassador in washington. the two countries are committed to working on a broad range of issues and they are working to move forward. the scandal began when an indian diplomat was arrested. protesters in europe thought she was mistreated. the diplomat was arrested for visa fraud and paying the housekeeper below minimum anal. >> polls reopened in egypt for the second and fin
up in the war of words. >> reporter: the war of words started early. john kerry laying down a marker. >> that bashar al assad will not be part of that transition government. there is no way, no way possible in the imagination that the man who has led the brutal response to his own people could regain the legitimacy to govern. >> reporter: syria's foreign minister muallem lashed out against the syrian opposition, gulf states, and turkey, accusing them all of helping his country fall victim to terrorism. but he saved some of his most intense bitterness for the u.s. secretary of state. >> senator kerry, no one, nobody in the world, has the right to legitimize a president or a constitution or a law or anything in syria except the syrian people themselves. >> reporter: the u.n.'s usually mild-mannered secretary-general, tried repeatedly to end the 30-minute tirade. >> prime minister, i'm sorry to -- can you just -- 20 minutes. no more than 20 minutes. >> mr. kerry, you spoke 25 minutes. >> how much do you have left now? >> i think five, ten minutes. >> reporter: but the minister refused t
john kerry at an event was asked about the hold-up, and he cited the environmental impact study. >> i can promise our friends in canada that all the appropriate effort is put into trying to get this done effectively and rapidly, and you know, my hope is that before long, that analysis will be available. and then my work begins. >> nearly a year ago, kerry also tried reassuring the canadians. >> i don't want to pin down precisely when, but i assure you in the near term. >> in a hearing yesterday with gina mccarthy, deb fisher hammered administration energy regulations and policies. >> americans can only expect even higher energy prices and greater job losses. countries that have made shifts away from fossil fuels are now finding such policy positions to be untenable. >> polls taken last year show the american people support the project by more than two to one. with a weak jobs report last week, supporters say it's a no-brainer. but for the president, that would create conflict with a key componeabout of his base. >> mike emanuel live on the hill, thank you. >>> more employers are looki
to the u.s. secretary of state john kerry speaking about syria. he says he is not surprised at the comments coming from the syrian government. he says the assad government is trying to divert attention, and bashar al-assad is trying to seem like the protector of syria against terrorists. he says no one is going to be fooled. this comes after a letter leaked from the syrian foreign minister to the undersecretary ban ki-moon. and he said the united states has high [ technical difficulties ] >>> the government knows what it wants and has even made an offer to the opposition. the foreign minister has been weeking in moscow alongside his counterpart. he says his government supports the international peace conference known as geneva 2 and has given russia plans for a seas fire in aleppo. he also suggested that the regime would be interested in a prisoner swap if the rebels cooperate. let's go to our correspondent in istanbul at the opposition meeting, but first let's speak to paul brennan in moscow for us. and paul it sounds positive, offering the prisoner swap and a possib possible ceasefire tha
john kerry is there. but some key players are not. we are live with the developing story next. >>> breaking news now from switzerland where world leaders have gathered this morning. this is for a conference billed as possibly the best chance to end the war in syria. this is the first time that the assad regime and the opposition will meet face-to-face. also, there are officials from dozens of other countries. it is notable, however, who will not be there. iran. and there are real questions this morning if this peace conference will accomplish anything at all. nic robertson live in switzerland this morning. nic, it's on. >> reporter: john, you know, we've been listening to speeches by u.n. secretary-general and russian foreign minister, secretary of state john kerry and then we heard from the syrian foreign minister, he was given 20 minutes to speak. he spoke for 34 minutes. the u.n. secretary-general had to interrupt him three times to get him to stop speaking and to stick to the agenda. a lot of vitriol pointing the pictures at the arab nations. not a lot if any conciliation
. at the same time i don't think for a second -- john kerry. weep sit next to john kerry for fine innings in the final game of the world series -- >> and you can be don't talk. >> no, i'm just saying. and we're hucking and we're high fiving and it's this wonderful moment that we're saying and then he goes off and strikes a deal with iran that i say is going to be the end of the world. >> i'm just saying, this is how grownups operate. if john kerry thought me sitting next to him at the world series forfo for four hours or for one moment would stop me from commenting about a plan that i think is horrible, then john kerry doesn't know me. and you know, what john kerry hasn't complained. he's a pro. chris christie hasn't complained. people should reaction and not read the fitter context. >> he's a dynamic political figure. and one that has within talked about for potential of 2016. he is now at the front of the republican governor's association, which was going to be a great found'sal launching pad and get people to know him. when you think about great leadership, sfu expect that to come with
-- the nominating speech for john kerry. you know, that we are one nation. not red, not blue -- >> he was disabused of that in one day! (laughs) >> rose: well, my point is does he still think that somehow it's possible or as he simply finally said "i was living in a dreamland. it's not possible." >> no, he would not say "i was living in a dreamland." presidents don't use that kind of language ant themselves and neither do most human beings. no, reality intruded. as we now know, as we now know from other journalism, the first day of the new administration there were meetings on the hill between and among republican leaders who pledged to block the obama administration at every turn. so this is -- this is a sign of how different the political parties are now. go back to lyndon johnson. there used to be a republican party that was ideologically diverse. there were liberal republicans; there were centrist republicans; and there certainly were conservative and hard-line republicans. the democratic party was diverse. >> rose: but there was also wall street and mainstream republicans. >> i would suggest t
of state john kerry is saying there's no way bashar al assad will be part of the government there. the syrian foreign minister responding saying only the syrians can decide if assad is the legitimate leader. dozens are in syria for this conference where the government is face-to-face with the assad regime. >>> a state of emergency in thailand. a serious situation mass protests spent on toppling the government are paralyzing parts of bangkok. this follows weeks of deadly clashes. opponents want the prime minister to step aside calling her a corrupt puppet of the former leader ousted in 2006. the emergency decree could lead to curfews and bans on public gatherings. thai officials have ruled out using force. >>> dow futures lower. dow hit with disappointing earnings. finished 44 points lower. s&p and nasdaq higher. in europe, frankfurt and paris higher. in asia, the nikkei finishing with gain. arabian markets benefitting from the bank of china's moves to ease fears of a credit crunch. here in the u.s., we're watching shares of ibm in the premarket down shy of 3%. late yesterday, the
al-assad, secretary of state john kerry didn't back away from washington's longheld position that the aim of this conference was to carry out the so-called geneva 1 communique of 2012. >> bashar assad will not be part of that transition government. there is no way... no way possible in the imagination, that the man who has led the brutal response to his own people could regain the legitimacy to govern. one man and those who have supported him can no longer hold an entire nation and a region hostage. >> reporter: and the head of the opposition syrian national council insisted all parties must accept that stance, or there's no point in talking. >> ( translated ): any talk of assad staying in power in any form will be a derailment of geneva 1 path, so we insist that we are not in any position to discuss anything in the negotiations before these issues are decided upon within a specific time frame. >> reporter: the saudi arabian foreign minister, whose government funnels money and arms to the rebels, was equally firm. >> ( translated ): it is common sense that bashar al-assad wil
of state john kerry. that official, mosha yallon blasted kerry's efforts to broker a middle east peace deal. he said sec kerry "operates from an incomprehensible obsession and a sense of messiahism and he can't teach me anything about the conflict with the palestinians." he went on to say "the only thing that might save us is if john kerry wins the nobel prize and leaves us be." the remarks triggered a tough response from the white house and state department as well, which called them offensive and inappropriate. the defense minister later issued a statement saying he apologized if the secretary was offended. >>> the husband of a pregnant and brain-dead woman is suing the hospital that is keeping her ali alive. erick munoz filed an emergency motion to take his wife, marlise, off life support. he says his wife made it very clear she did not want to be kept alive in that state. now, the hospital says it cannot do that, citing that a texas law prohibiting hospitals from withdrawing or withholding life-sustaining treatment from a pregnant patient. the hospital can detect a fetal heartbeat, but
instead all night. in this state secretary john kerry has asked the vatican for help in the fight to the jewish state contractor on the crows has been held in cuba since two thousand nine hundred and eighty two a kerry has made it or in the dieting and held talks with their secretary of state which has been centered on the palms middle east during the meeting was an awesome race issue of the two a sub contractor was serving a fifteen year sentence for crimes against the state vatican has relatively good as my decorations to come back which increases the nineteen eighty eight visit of pope john paul the second in line with recent talks in the release of the sixty four year old alan gross was on a mission to connect to miss mala jewish community to the internet. the cuban government has indicated that us said it earned five cuban spies an attorney for gross is freedom. according to us acting deputy assistant secretary of state for western hemisphere russa said he lost a hunundred ounces the imprisonment and has arthritis. it also allowed to leave the cell from the one hour a day. re
the routine usee more while. the us. the but the ticket. our. checks the road. batista said katrina john kerry has got it in for help in the fight to secure state contractor on the crows has been held in cuba since two thousand nine hundred and eighty two a kerry has made a torrent of dieting and held talks with their secretary of state which has been centered on the commons middle east during meetings ulcer race issue up to two a sub contractor was serving a fifteen year sentence for crimes against the state vatican has relatively good as my decorations to come back which increases to maintain the visit of pope john paul the second the moment releasing toxins released in the sixty four year old alan gross was on a mission to connect to the small jewish community to the internet. the cuban government has indicated that us said it earned five c mince pies and eternal progress is freedom cory to us. acting deputy assistant secretary of state for western hemisphere. chris has said he lost a hundred ounces the imprisonment and has arthritis. it also allowed to leave itself from the one hour a day.
something with which the specified by us. they said to john kerry that's where the raucous will fly from. this is about ninety along with this from the va this point here. this report basically does not lay blame on any side and does not say whether there were those with the rebels cork from these attacks using chemicals but what it does though it's a series without a doubt that the quality of intelligence and asked why the us authorities he was what seems to be incomplete or even flawed intelligence data to the voice their concerns and if we remember what us state secretary john kerry sat back then the claims were quite solid high confidence. this is common sense. this is evidence. these are facts also of this report speculates that one point that it could've been the strong data could be you was in a similar fashion as to be a talk on iraq one that role information was used as a pretext to launch a military operation. official washington hasn't yet responded to this latest report by the mit researchers as i am afraid is in syria the country is turning into a major drug producer with bo
to somehow bridge the gap. that was the point he made in his 2000 speech for john kerry. we are one nation. my point is, does he still think that somehow it is possible, or has he said i was living in a dreamland? >> he does not say he was living in a dreamland. they didn't use that against themselves. knowty and truth as we now from other journalists, the first day of a new administration that were meetings on the hill between and among republican leaders who obamad to block administration at every turn. sign of how different the political parties are now. go back to lyndon johnson. there used to be republican party that was ideologically diverse. there were liberal republicans. there were centrist publicans. there were conservatives and hardliners. >> and wall street and main street. they heartt that into the right a lot more. , you pointther hand out that when he won reelection, he thought it would break the fever. that somehow now that he had won reelection, he could roar into a second term and perhaps things would be different because he won. >> and what may the year , not just the fa
for the us john kerry and does a lot of speculation about whether john kerry and his son ron hardy will meet e a place to place on the sidelines of the meeting the state department and the us is the norm coleman single rolling it out if it happened of course it would have implications of positive ones that would be staying for middle east peace talks but also it would be leaves represent a boring and what is being very frosty relations between the iran and the us. juggling know that there are plenty of big names attending but was appointed few big names known present and this yet tell us more about that. the driver got about forty world leaders coming but many a state away and that's the biggest surprises judgment shown flying to america was how awful the day in europe decided not to come even before the recent skiing accident. she's been turning up the beauty of the id to get that sort of confidence building speeches about the euro as art recovery someone not coming she's clearly sending a message that she believes that recovery is now strong enough that she doesn't need to be a hit. perhap
. along with 40 foreign ministers and u.s. secretary of state john kerry. the plan to bring a diplomatic solution to three years of sill war in syria that left 100,000 dead and displaced. the summit is discussing the geneva ii document. it lays out a plan for the government including members of the regime and the opposition. the key issue is the president bashar al-assad. whether he stays or go. u.n. scenario ban ki-moon told delegates they face a formidable challenge. nick schifrin is at the talks taking place in switzerland. good morning. the conference began a short while ago. it's clear there are tensions. >> absolutely. when the secretary-general opened the conference he said there was a fragile but real hope for peace and pleaded with both sides, the 40 delegations not to make comments that were personal, to be diplomatic and stick to time. the syrian delegations were given 10 minutes and the syrian foreign minister gave a speech that many described as inflammatory, calling the opposition terrorists and that people supporting them had blood on their hands and he was speaking for 20
news right now. secretary of state john kerry has now pledged $380 million to help those displaced by the war in syria. he's in kuwait to meet with international leaders including the u.n. secretary-general. that as the defense minister is issuing a big apology for what he said about the secretary of state. moshe had seriously criticized kerry for what he called, quote, misplaced obsession and furor over the peace attempts. >>> president obama heading to north carolina saying he's committed to the economic recovery and saying it's all hands on deck. the president is expected to talk about a manufacturing hub in that state that he says san example of a private partnership that can help grow the economy and create, you know, good-paying jobs. >> that will be welcome news for a lot of people in this country. let's get a check at the forecast, indra petersons is here. >> good morning. kind of rainy, that system is moving out of here and we're dealing with a couple more systems heading on in. let's take a look at the radar system and you can actually see the remnants of the system well
're working on for "around the world." an apology now to secretary of state john kerry, after he was called obsessed and -- obsessive, rather, and mess annic by one of the u.s.' closest allies. is the apology enough. >>> and a u.s. agency using a secret technology to tap into computers not connected to the internet. those details on the "new york times" report straight ahead. >>> and better stock up on almonds, because nut prices continue to rise. five things you're going to be spending more on, and less on in 2014. okay, listen up! i'm re-workin' the menu. mayo? corn dogs? you are so outta here! aah! [ female announcer ] the complete balanced nutrition of great-tasting ensure. 24 vitamins and minerals, antioxidants, and 9 grams of protein. [ bottle ] ensure®. nutrition in charge™. [ bottle ] ensure®. peoi go to angie's listt for all kinds of reasons. to gauge whether or not the projects will be done in a timely fashion and within budget. angie's list members can tell you which provider is the best in town. you'll find reviews on everything from home repair to healthcare. now that we're
is also where world leaders are trying to end civil war. today john kerry urged the syrian optician to join the conference, the talks led by the u.n. and dubbed geneva two are set to begin next year. the goal is to install a transitional government in syria to help end the war there about 130,000 people have died since the conflict began in 2011. >> the united states for these reasons urges a positive vote. we do so knowing that the geneva peace conference is is not the end but the beginning, the launch of a process, a process that is the best opportunity for the opposition to achieve the goals of the syrian people and the revolution. and the political solution to this terrible conflict that has taken, many, many, many, many, too many lives. >> kerry's comments come as al jazerra has obtained a letter from syria's foreign minister to man ki-moon. al jazerra dip natural i can editor james bays has more from the hague and the perth lands. >> reporter: this letter i think is important. it shows the syrian government replying to the u.n. saying, yes, we are coming to geneva. yes, here i
side, john kerry has proved to be a remarkable secretary of state. tackling very tough missions and accomplishing a series of things that people thought were impossible. for example, getting rid of syria's chemical weapons stockpile. something people considered impossible and the beginning of september. it will happen by the end of this month. one of the largest remaining stockpiles in the world of chemical weapons is being boxed up, shipped out of syria by february 1. and an amazing deal. john kerry is now in charge of a very able state department team. they have driven a very good bargain. i also but this is going to happen because that's what the other nations of the world wants. and you see a united nations that is united, a u.n. security council that is unity and purpose to history tells us when it is united, very few countries can but it. it's only when the security council splinters as it did, for example, in the run up to the 2003 iraq war when saddam hussein's splendor depicted within that you'll see sanctions used to resulted that's what is important to retain that uni
john kerry arrived just now in swi switzerla switzerland. it's known as geneva 2 and set to begin tomorrow. >> reporter: andrea the u.n. secretary general described this conference as a mission of hope and i think hope is the only thing this conference has going for it. it's aims are pretty straight forward and wants to stop the fighting and to establish a transitional government in syria which will represent both the opposition and supporters of the regime. the basic problem with that, i think is that nobody who's doing the fighting in syria is actually interested in finding a political settlement right now with the other side. the assad regime still talks about finding a military solution to what it calls its counter terrorism problem. and most of the armed groups in the opposition are so appalled at the idea of talking to the assad government that they are not even represented in any way here. so i don't think the aims of the conference are going to be achieved. what might get done here is that local cease fires may be negotiated in some of the towns and cities around syria. an
with secretary of state john kerry already getting to a heated exchange with syria's foreign minister over his future. >>> and you can join our conversation on twitter. find us @tam rronhall. open to i. open to ambition. open to bold ideas. that's why new york has a new plan -- dozens of tax free zones all across the state. move here, expand here, or start a new business here and pay no taxes for ten years... we're new york. if there's something that creates more jobs, and grows more businesses... we're open to it. start a tax-free business at startup-ny.com. did you run into traffic? no, just had to stop by the house to grab a few things. you stopped by the house? uh-huh. yea. alright, whenever you get your stuff, run upstairs, get cleaned up for dinner. you leave the house in good shape? yea. yea, of course. ♪ [ sportscaster talking on tv ] last-second field go-- yea, sure ya did. [ male announcer ] introducing at&t digital life. personalized home security and automation. get professionally monitored security for just $29.99 a month. with limited availability in select mark
much to point out. the officials point out, secretary of state john kerry, how does that complicate the policy issues? >> wit withissues? >> well, i think you're right. there was a fairly public indication that secretary kerry and national security adviser, susan rice, had different perspectives on whether egypt was or wasn't moving still toward democracy under sisi and what effect that should have on american policy, but it was the job of the president to resolve those issues. and it seems to me that the white house, at least in this case, has made the right decision, which is to work with congress, change the law, and to make american policy consistent with our own laws, and consistent with our own national security in continuing to support the egyptian government. >> all right, could that change of policy create unintended consequences? we're going to look at how u.s. foreign policy is in the past. with saddam hussein and noriega. >> welcome back. we're talking about the future of u.s. policy and how aiding other countries could influence down the road. this is from national se
of ministry. and russian prime minister saying john kerry has obsession in finding peace in the middle east. >> the most important money stories of the day might affect your savings, your job or your retirement. whether its bail-outs or bond rates this stuff get complicated. but don't worry. i'm here to take the fear out of finance. every night on my show i break down confusing financial speak and make it real. al jazeera america. we understand that every news story begins and ends with people. >> the efforts are focused on rescuing stranded residents. >> we pursue that story beyond the headline, pass the spokesperson, to the streets. >> thousands of riot police deployed across the capital. >> we put all of our global resources behind every story. >> it is a scene of utter devastation. >> and follow it no matter where it leads - all the way to you. al jazeera america, take a new look at news. activists show the >> it's good to have you with us. these are the top stories on al jazeera. polling stations in egypt in the second day of voting on a referendum. 11 people have died in clashes with
.s. national security advisor susan rice and secretary of state john kerry clashed on the issue much when powerful players don't agree, how does that complicate policy issues. >> there was fairly public indications that secretary kerry and national security advisor susan rice had a different perspective on whether egypt was for wasn't moving towards democracy under what effect that should have. it's the job on the president to resolve those issues among senior staff. it seems to me that the white house in this case at least has made the right decision, which is to work with congress, to change the law and make american policy consistent with our own laws and consistent with our own national security interests in continuing to support the egyptian government. >> could the change of policy create unintended consequences. we'll look how policy has done that in the past. we'll talk about it all when we come back. welcome back. we are talking about the future of u.s. policy in egypt, and how aiding the military-appointed government could influence policy down the road. >> here is a comment who
term. >> thank you very much. secretary of state john kerry renewing a u.s. pledge to help syrians affected by the war there, kerry promising an additional $280 million in humanitarian aid. they say that bess $4 billion less than what it said it needed to help syrians in 2014. >>> a new report says that that attack on the u.s. consolate in bengahzi could have been prevented. there was i remembe initially a. u.s. ambassador to libya was one of four americans killed in that attack. >>> no. one community in mexico there are concerns that the government is just as dangers as the violent drug gangs. >> still in shock this mother grieves for her son mario. some say he was killed by the military. among them, who said his brother-in-law was unarmed when soldiers open fired on him. >> when i got there he was already dead with a bullet in his neck. >> mario and three other people were killed i, and they demanded the stolenners needed to return >> reporter: the government is sending reinforcements, but the people hearsay the community police are refusing to give up their arms until the gover
much. >>> just moments ago secretary of state john kerry calling for cooperation on the eve of the syrian peace talks. those talks, by the way, the talks preceding the talks expected to take place tomorrow. dubbed geneva 2 kerry calling on an end to the ongoing crisis in syria. a place he is describing as a magnet for terrorism. >> the united states for these reasons urges a positive vote. we do so knowing the geneva peace conference is not the end but rather the beginning, the launch of a process, a process that is the best opportunity for the opposition to achieve the goals of the syrian people and the revolution, and a political solution to this terrible conflict that has taken many, many, many too many lives. >>> al jazeera has obtained a letter from the syrian foreign minister to ban ki moon accepting the invitation to at ten the talks, but says . . . bays has more. >> this letter is i think important. it shows the syrian government saying yes, we're coming to geneva, here is a list of our delegations, but -- and it's a big but -- we have reservations about some of the
they'll go to switzerland for the january 21st meeting. secretary of state john kerry has urged him to go, and he has told the assad regime that it remains a center aim of the talk. >> down kerry rejected syrian efforts to change the focus of geneva two from ending the civil war and installing an interim government to end terrorism. i called it an attempt to change history and said it wouldn't work. >> it defies logic to imagine that those who use brutality, how they could lead syria away from extremism to a better future is beyond logic or common sense. >> reporter: the syrian foreign minister tried to shift the focus of the conference when he accepted to attend geneva two. he wrote: >> reporter: kerry leaned on the syrian people to unite. >> so on the eve of the coalition general assembly meeting tomorrow to decide to meet in the peace conference, the united states for these reasons urges a positive vote. >> reporter: syrian opposition spokesman said its important that all sides try to deal in good faith. >> it's the six principles of the geneva communique, we need to force them t
. why is rosalyn jordan has more from the state department. >> john kerry focusing on terrorism. he called it an attempt to change history and said it wouldn't work. >> it defies like to imagine that those who cited this monstrosity, 83thed it. how they could move many beyond a certain future is beyond any kind of like and defense. >> the ser prien minister when he accepted the report to go to exrt. letter of invitation simply for reason that they are in conflict with the legal and political position of the state of yirs. >> users mrs. won on the pr general simply, mean tomorrow, to decide whether to partnerships in the piece conference. the united states for these reasons urges a positive vote. >> it is important for all sides to deal in a common goal. >> if assad regime is rejecting these principles, we need you to say you're coming and nobody's cps. >> seek more humanitarian aid for the hundreds of thousands of displaced yrnz both inside and outside the country. there is a question about whether the conference can make a difference in the neerlg three year long civility war. no o
. john kerry's tax rises new anti demonstration was in ukraine was aimed at curbing pro eu protests staged since november. on syria. french president calls for recli
upon davos. secretary john kerry will be there as well. will we see a meeting? >> not between the president but the foreign minister. >> informal? >> there is a possibility of a handshake as par of the six- month process that margaret to talk about. for a president to meet a foreign secretary which is what kerry is probably not likely, yeah, there could be a meeting. >> margaret, you had an epic 47 1/2-hour day with joe biden going to the funeral of the late prime minister ariel sharon. what is it like traveling with the vice president versus the president? >> can a funeral be fun? joe biden is highly unscripted and always makes a mess of any situation he is in. he also, as you know, talks a lot. in a dinner meeting turned into a four-hour gathering, nothing we had access to, replete with family experiences from the road. with joe biden, he is wearing his aviator shades, smiling and glad handing and 30 years of history with everybody to talk about. it was epic. >> power to you, i don't know if you slept. >> i'm sleeping it off this weekend. >> have a wonderful weekend both of
conversations asailed john kerry's diplomacy accusing him of incomprehensible messinism. he said, please, mr. secretary, take your nobel peace prize and leave us be. excellent advice. i hope the committee is getting the prize ready. >> the hit from the intelligence committee which came up with a sober and bipartisan report into the benghazi attacks in 2012. i think they laid out the facts very usefully and said attacks were preventible and raised important questions about the way the state department and hillary clinton handled the episode before, during and after benghazi. get set to have a long debate over this in the road up to the 2016 presidential race. the israelis apologize for the defense minister then? >> it was, as they say, a gaffe. the inuitingunwitting speaking of truth. >> follow us on twitte twitter @jeronfnc. thank you for watching. hope to see you here next week. >>> a fox news alert a homicide bomber kills 21 people in afghanistan including two american citizens. that explosion rocking a popular restaurant in kabul last night. the deadliest attack against foreign civilians
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